Molly drug is extremely popular around the world, especially in the United States of America. The drug is widely used by youngsters and is popularly known as a ‘Party Drug’.

What is Molly

Molly is well known to the world as MDMA. It can be described as a synthetic drug. This means that the drug consists of different kinds of chemicals. More often than not, Molly is available in the form of colorful tablets. However, you can also choose to purchase it in the powdered form.



One of the highlights of molly tablets is the fact that they have images printed on them that resemble cartoon-like characters. The consequences of molly intake vary depending upon the quantity in which it has been consumed.

Why is Molly Used

Molly drug is mainly used in clubs for the purpose of experiencing a feeling of well-being. The use of this substance is similar to that of other products that are especially designed for the purpose of increasing ecstasy amongst an individual. People also use Molly in order to experience a feeling of sensuality and intimacy. The drug is commonly used by teenagers. However, the fact that many of them are getting addicted to it is highly alarming. Molly drug effects tend to last for a long time. Infact, molly hangover can even last for a week, making it potential even more dangerous than alcohol and other drugs.

Facts about Molly – Side Effects

Not many people are aware about the kind of different molly drug effects. This is mainly due to the fact that more or less, molly has always been portrait as a cool party drug. Hence, its side effects have not really been conveyed to the potential users. To begin with, Molly drug can actually make a person feel depressed. This would definitely come as a shock to all the people who look upto the drug as something that is anti-depressant in nature. Usually, on consuming molly drug, one would experience a feeling of well-being and depression will fade away. However, this state of the mind is constant only for a few hours.

The moment molly drug effects start to reduce, the person starts witnessing a sense of depression. The intensity of depression is at its peak. Another popular dietary supplement SAM-e can to a certain extent help ease depression. SAM-e is important not only for patients suffering with depression but can offer new way that can lead to effective treatment. SAM-e can relieve symptoms of depression with great ease.

Apart from depression, one does tend to experience anxiety as well as stress due to excessive consumption of Molly or MDMA. As far as physical effects are concerned, excessive molly consumption can have negative impact on the eyes. More often than not, the eyes are swollen and turn bright red.

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